Pura Vida 2017

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Pura Vida - Pure Life, they say in Costa Rica between friends. We agree, live and enjoy life with this Chardonnay Port wine in good company of family and friends. Explore its freshness and unique aromas that was captured for you to enjoy.

We harvested this Chardonnay late with a high brix, and we then fortified and put it to rest for one year. With a multitude of aromas and flavors, we decided to introduce it to Oak for just a short time. This Port developed into a surprising wine, with a nose of mango, pear, apple, butterscotch, etc. The flavors are as complex, but refreshing and yet like a Sherry, it is delightful with a delicious smooth mouth feel of a Port wine.

Best experience is when lightly chilled.

2017 estate grown and bottled white port wine, 375ml, 19% Alcohol by Volume