Healthy Wine


SOLAR! Petersen Vineyards is proud to say that our operation is 100% powered by solar! Our excess solar electricity production offsets the fuel use and makes our footprint carbon neutral! 

WASTE! We care about all our activities. The winery waste water is treated and reused for irrigation of the vineyard. All the harvest biomass waste is composted and returned to the soil. 

RECYCLE! We sort and recycle our waste, and we reuse our screen printed bottles. We pay $1 for these returned bottles. There is money in recycling! 

ORGANIC! We are not organic certified, but in our vineyard we only use organically certified products for pest and fungus control. Herbicides, such as RoundUp, are entirely avoided! 

ZERO MOG! We hand pick and sort our harvest 100% and all MOG (Material Other than Grape) is removed. The result is a smooth elegant full bodied wines, true to the character of our grapes! 

NO ADDITIVES! Our wines are made without chemical additives! We believe in “old school winemaking” and that wine takes time. Open bin slow fermentation and long maceration. There are no shortcuts - wine is not a formula! 

SULFITES! A tiny amount of sulfite is necessary to preserve wine. We are against the overuse, and use less than half of what the industry uses on average! No headaches with our wine! 

VEGAN! Petersen Vineyards does not use any animal products in our winemaking processes!